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The Glow Collective

Dec 2, 2021

Are you trying to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance? What if you look at it as Love, Life, Balance instead? In this episode, our amazing guest Jodi Nightingale shares her idea of having that "Love, Life, Balance" mindset, along with her other inspiring stories in her journey of thriving in her career. In the podcast as well, Jodi shares a moving story of her life that will enchant you to appreciate your close ones a lot better.

Jodi Nightingale has worked in Medical Aesthetics for close to 20 years. She has worked as a practice manager for a medical spa, as an account executive, and has served in both education and sales leadership roles with the top medical skincare brands in the industry. Her varied background coupled with her experience as a licensed esthetician gives her a solid understanding of the needs of aesthetic practices and the patients they serve. A lifelong learner, she consistently seeks out opportunities to learn everything she can about medical aesthetics from the business side to creating ideal patient outcomes. She is the Director of Commercial Development and Strategic Communication for AlumierMD, one of the fastest-growing medical skincare brands globally.

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